Throwback Thursday: High School Model United Nations

Good afternoon, style mavens,

I’ve decided to add a new dimension to my blog. Inspired by Throwback Thursday on Instagram, where social media aficionados post a photo of the past, I’ll select a few photos of my own style back in the day and say what’s wrong with each ensemble. Fortunately, I committed several fashion faux-pas in high school, so this should provide plenty of juicy content!

Here we go!

Years and years ago (more like four), I attended the The Hague International Model United Nations conference in, well, The Hague. Snugly set in South Holland in The Netherlands, the coastal city threw torrential winters and downpours our way. Since the conference took place in January, snow, snow, and more snow blasted us, along with rain here, there and everywhere.

What does depressing weather mean in terms of fashion? In my young mind, it meant wearing an ugly, rainproof trench coat.


Look at me trying to strike a pose! A C&A black trench possessed no sense of fitting – neither did those American Eagle acid washed jeans. The shoes? Adidas…sneakers might be back in style, but they don’t work for me. As you all know, I reserve sneakers for the gym where they belong.


Here, at an Italian restaurant, I’m CLEARLY wearing an American Eagle hoodie. Blatant logos = no go’s in my book. Also, mixing a striped scarf and plaid hoodie screams with despair. Perhaps that’s why I decided to cover my face…what was I thinking??


American Eagle hoodie over an American Eagle polo. No and no.

Luckily, I’ve eliminated these pieces from my closet. The lesson from this blast from the unfortunate style past? Don’t mix loud prints, avoid ill-fitting coats and jeans, and try to stay away from American Eagle if you can.

Here’s to improving our style, one day at a time (;

Yours truly,


5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: High School Model United Nations

    • jonathanochart says:

      It was a great experience in terms of learning about United Nations operations, and I’m glad you thought the post was fun – that was my intent! Thanks for commenting, B!


    • jonathanochart says:

      Those brands were all the rage back in the day! Now, not so much – thanks for stopping by, Gongy!


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