Destination: Blue Galaxy

Destination: Blue Galaxy

 Imagination, creativity and the urge to compose ebb and flow in my mind. Recall the last time I posted? No, neither do I (without looking at my blog’s home page…hint: it involves shoes – shocker!). For some reason, the writing bug bit me hard and here I am, sitting at Starbucks (predictable Jonathan move) sipping an iced coffee.

While navigating through the World Wide Web, I stumbled upon an advertisement for Paige jeans. At Nordstrom, I frequently found myself hanging a pair of Paige denim in customers’ dressing rooms. Trusty white jeans that flatter the figure prove difficult to find, but Paige’s Verdugo style (a classic midrise skinny silhouette) always did the trick. However, it looks like the line created by one of the world’s leading fit models, Paige Adams-Geller, reinvented the style with a ’70s-esque flair leaving me starry-eyed.

How so? Just look at these jeans. They scream with Barbarella/ABBA/ Xanadu tones. Crafters add Italian foil to black denim, then distress the midrise jean to create a stunning look. Wear these out to your favorite location and everyone’s eyes will be set on you – whether it’s the person at your side, or galaxies away. Check out the style on Paige’s website, here.

I give this piece 5 stars, and hopefully I’ll spot someone rocking them soon. What do you think of this look? Does it leave you excited, or cosmically distressed?

‘Til next time, fellow earthlings!

Paige Denim mid-rise jeans
$530 –

Nail care

2 thoughts on “Destination: Blue Galaxy

  1. jesskawrites says:

    Hey! Welcome back! :)

    I don’t know a lot of people who really look good in such skinny jeans, but I think the shininess/sparkle is pretty cool. So my verdict is: “if you have the right figure – go ahead”.

    • jonathanochart says:

      Thanks for the comment! I need to catch up on all your posts – it has been ages! As for your verdict, I agree completely.

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