Skin Care Review: Absolution’s “Le Soin Purifiant”

By definition, “absolution” means a formal release from guilt, obligation or punishment.

Use French skin care line Absolution’s “Le Soin Purifiant” (deep cleansing face mask), and you’ll formally release your pores from dirt, grease, etc. I don’t normally review beauty products, but this mask works divinely, and therefore deserves some attention!

image2 (1)

Purifies, tightens pores, highlights

mate, clay, birch sap

99.28% natural origin

62.53% bio/organic

50 ml/1.69 Fl. Oz

Local Austin boutique By George on South Congress began carrying the skin care line this December. The best way to familiarize yourself with new brands is to test their products on yourself, so I put its face mask to work. At first, the gray, cement-like texture alarmed me. Was I actually applying cement to my face that would never wash away? No, it was just clay. Soft, rich, creamy, organic clay.

What I love about Absolution is its dedication to organic ingredients. With my dry and sensitive skin, I shy away from masks,`exfoliators and most facial products, for that matter. Nonetheless, this face mask boasting clay and birch sap left my face with a sizzling feeling. Not the negative burning-under-the-sun-in-July sizzle – no, no – more like a merry group of fairies gently mining your pores to exterminate dirt while revealing a fresher, brighter you. My pores tightened and lost their gritty finish. Imagine a luxury spa-grade facial with a $40 price tag you can use time and time again. I give “Le Soin Purifiant” 5 stars.

No, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just fell in love with Absolution’s product, and can’t wait to try more. I’ve applied the eye contour booster, “Le Soin Regard,” yesterday evening before bed, and woke up with puffy-less eyes. I’ll try it some more and keep you updated!

In the meantime, check out their skincare line at

If you’ve tried any Absolution products, leave a comment detailing your experience!


Jonathan Ochart

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