Brunch at Central Michel Richard

A few weeks ago, I brunched at Central Michel Richard – ‘twas a sunny and warm Sunday afternoon, apparently a rarity for Washington, D.C., in early May. The restaurant’s name alone evokes a sense of sophistication – an ode to French cuisine in the heart of our nation’s capital.

Lured by an exquisite prix-fixe menu and bottomless libations, friends and I decided to dive into sweet and savory dishes surrounded by a cacophony of sounds – large groups of friends laughing, couples exchanging whispers, orders in the kitchen delivered this way and that.

Three courses flooded our table, from apple pancrêpes (a must-try) to Eggs Benedict to the unlikely chicken & waffles served with cinnamon-maple foam. I admit the latter was my entrée of choice (hailing from Texas comes with a sweet spot for fried foods…), and it was divine. The chicken? Lightly breaded and unbelievably juicy. The waffles? Delicate and fluffy. The real winner, however, was the cinnamon-maple foam – a slightly sweet condiment fit for the gods.

Chocolate pan crêpes

Chocolate pancrêpes

Apple pan crêpes

Apple pancrêpes

Chicken & waffles

Chicken & waffles

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Berry Bowl

Berry Bowl

My dessert, the crème brûlée French toast, proved that breakfast and dessert can rule as one. The berry bowl was a hit as well.

I seemed to choose the carb-heavy options, but a walk around Metro Center afterwards promptly cured that “stuffed” feeling. Next time you’re craving a classic brunch with unexpected twists, give Central Michel Richard a try!

‘Til next time,

Jonathan Ochart

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