Irene's biscuit breakfast

5 Reasons To Try Irene’s Biscuits & Booze Brunch

No one likes a flaky date. But flaky biscuits? That's a different story. If you're in the mood for some of the best biscuits and brunch in Austin, Texas, then head on over to Irene's for the Biscuits & Booze brunch. Read on for five reasons why you should consider Irene's for your next indulgence … Continue reading 5 Reasons To Try Irene’s Biscuits & Booze Brunch

biscuit sammie - A Baked Joint Breakfast

A Baked Joint Breakfast: Biscuits, Coffee & More

In the heart of Mount Vernon Triangle on a rainy Friday morning, a bustling cafe rumbles with the sound of espresso machines and suited twenty-somethings debating healthcare. The popular Washington, DC spot is none other but A Baked Joint - Baked & Wired’s sister establishment open for breakfast seven days a week. Read on for … Continue reading A Baked Joint Breakfast: Biscuits, Coffee & More

Brunching in Barcelona

Near Logan Circle, a vibrant tapas restaurant and wine bar sits among a heap of antique furniture shops and cafés. Aptly named 'Barcelona', the imaginative spot off 14th Street NW pours Spanish flavor onto classic brunch staples. To celebrate new beginnings, birthdays and farewells, I joined my friends last Sunday at Barcelona for a casual brunch. Nonetheless, the … Continue reading Brunching in Barcelona