biscuit sammie - A Baked Joint Breakfast

A Baked Joint Breakfast: Biscuits, Coffee & More

In the heart of Mount Vernon Triangle on a rainy Friday morning, a bustling cafe rumbles with the sound of espresso machines and suited twenty-somethings debating healthcare. The popular Washington, DC spot is none other but A Baked JointBaked & Wired’s sister establishment open for breakfast seven days a week. Read on for a local’s take on his first A Baked Joint breakfast.

Try ordering a Baked Joint breakfast without giving in to your sweet tooth


A glimpse of the pastries

Waiting in line with a visiting friend teased our hungry stomachs. Countless pastries called our names from the glass counter, tempting our taste buds with their splendid smells. Key lime pie? Pumpkin ginger bread? Bee stings? Matadors (a classic, rich combination of shortbread, caramel and chocolate)? I recalled my upcoming trip to Miami, and decided against indulgent confections.



In addition to breakfast, A Baked Joint serves some of Washington, DC’s most mouthwatering confections, from cherry pies to cookie sandwiches


I asked for a biscuit sammie instead, along with a café au lait. Finding seats in the buzzing café was difficult, but we managed to hunt down two chairs toward the back of the busy joint.


View of A Baked Joint from the back of the cafe. See all those people waiting for breakfast and coffee?

When someone shouted “Jonathan!” from the counter five minutes later, I scurried over and picked up my morning delights. The herb and goat cheese biscuit paired well with the fried egg and mayonnaise. Each bite left me craving more, and before I knew it, I devoured the biscuit sammie in minutes.


Our herb and goat cheese biscuit sammies

A Baked Joint bakes great biscuits (take a Texan’s word for it) – buttery, not too crumbly, and full of flavor. I think it’s high time I throw in some herbs and goat cheese when baking biscuits at home.

The café au lait hit the spot as well. Its creamy texture and delicate aroma complemented the hearty dish perfectly, all while providing a much-needed dose of caffeine.

After we finished our meals, my friend and I walked to the Capitol building for our tour feeling satisfied and energized. Thank you for the savory breakfast, A Baked Joint. You made a rainy morning not only bearable, but delectable.

Next time you find yourself around Mount Vernon Triangle in the morning, give A Baked Joint breakfast a try. Tasty and pleasantly-filling dishes await, including smoked salmon on open-faced baguettes, crème brûlée French toast, quiche, oatmeal and more. Don’t forget to try their wide variety of warm beverages as well, from Matcha Lattes to Moroccan Mint green tea.

P.S. I’ll return for dessert when I return from Miami.

A Baked Joint at a Glance

440 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Website | Breakfast Menu | Hours
Phone: 202-408-6985
NOTE: A Baked Joint does not offer Wi-Fi, and discourages laptop usage on weekends.

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