Irene's biscuit breakfast

5 Reasons To Try Irene’s Biscuits & Booze Brunch

No one likes a flaky date. But flaky biscuits? That’s a different story. If you’re in the mood for some of the best biscuits and brunch in Austin, Texas, then head on over to Irene’s for the Biscuits & Booze brunch.

Read on for five reasons why you should consider Irene’s for your next indulgence come Saturday or Sunday morning.

1. It Pays Homage to the city’s “Keep Austin Weird” Vibe

The classic American bar and restaurant sits on 506 West Avenue in downtown Austin, surrounded by several new high-rises. Despite Austin’s commercialization, I was pleased to see Irene’s preserves a touch of the city’s original “Keep Austin Weird” vibe – the vibe that put Austin on the map in the first place – before South by Southwest took the nation (and world) by storm.

For instance, the restaurant’s patio boasts tables with colorful plastic tablecloths – from hot pink to sunshine yellow to seafoam green. The garden chic decor complements a seemingly popular photo op nearby: a wall covered in leaves, accompanied by a neon pink sign reading “Irene’s.”

2. You Have Options!

After taking in the bright surroundings, you have two options: order coffee and some treats from the coffee window, or go all out and take a seat in the restaurant for a full-fledged brunch experience.

irenes austin brunch

Irene’s coffee window.

Irene's treats

Treats for sale at Irene’s coffee window.

Since we met a friend before the restaurant opened at 10 am Sunday, we ordered coffee at the coffee window to wake our senses and pass the time. I asked for the Irene’s Original – a sweet soiree of coffee and house made butterscotch-almond cream ($5). If you like sweet beverages, this coffee drink is for you (AKA, if you spread tons of butter on your waffles, and then douse them in syrup, this beverage has your name all over it).

3. You Can Seat Yourself (and the Servers are Super Nice)

Once 10 a.m. rolled by, we entered the restaurant and seated ourselves in a corner booth. Our server promptly walked us through the brunch specials, and after submitting our orders, we received our food and drinks in no time. Our glasses were never empty, and our stomachs were readily filled.

irenes austin menu

Irene’s Biscuits & Booze brunch menu.

4. Irene’s has Rosé on Draft, Along with an Awesome Weekend Happy Hour

Summertime and rosé go hand in hand. So, ordering rosé at 10 a.m. is totally justifiable when temperatures reach the hundreds in early July. Go ahead and sip Irene’s rosé on draft. Its effervescence refreshes the soul! Plus, it makes for a great addition to your Instagram story.

irenes rose and bloody mary

What’s brunch without rosé and a bloody mary?

The Saturday happy hour lasts all day, and offers guests draft rosé ($4), pink sangria ($5), mimosas ($3), bloody marys ($3), and rosé bubbles ($6).

Can’t make it to brunch Saturday? Irene’s Sunday happy hour also lasts all day, and you can order discounted mimosas ($3) and bloody marys ($3), along with other full-priced libations from their drink menu.

For those of you who prefer tea in the morning, Irene’s serves a variety of throat-soothing options (the teapot and mug aren’t too bad, either).


5. The Biscuits (and Sausage Gravy) are Perfection

Irene’s biscuits inspired this post, and alas, I saved the best reason for last. How many of you LOVE Pillsbury biscuits (you know, the ones that come in a can where you push on the seal with a spoon ’til it pops open)? Well, bite into one of the biscuits at Irene’s and you’ll IMMEDIATELY enter biscuit heaven. You can tell they’re made from scratch by their pillowy texture and slightly irregular shape.

Irene's biscuit breakfast

Feast your eyes on Irene’s famous Biscuit Breakfast.

I ordered the Biscuit Breakfast, which comes with two eggs any style, bacon or sausage, and house jam ($10). Of course, no biscuit at brunch is complete without butter gravy. So, naturally, I also asked for a side of sausage gravy ($2). Hey, I was on vacation, and the gravy accentuated the biscuit with its savory flavors.

If you fancy biscuits and homemade southern fare, make sure to stop by Irene’s during your next visit to Austin. If you already live in the capital of Texas, well, consider yourself lucky.

‘Til next time!

Yours truly,
Jonathan Ochart

Irene’s at a Glance

506 West Ave., Austin, Texas 78701
Website | Menus | Hours: Coffee Window, Monday – Sunday, 7 a.m. – 2 a.m.; Restaurant & Bar, Monday – Friday, 11 a.m. – 2 a.m., Saturday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 2 a.m.
Phone: 512-298-0853

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