Why Bend it like Beckham when you can WERK it like Beckham?

Watch out Donatella – looks like someone else is collaborating with H&M as well: soccer star David Beckham.  GQ Espana recently announced that the athlete has designed various menswear items to be released this coming February with the Swedish company.  The article didn’t say much about the types of items included within the collection, but Beckham stated that they would be masculine and were developed during the past year with input from his team, the Los Angeles Galaxy. Hopefully some of the looks will capture his sporty yet distiniguished style, ensuring wearers a fresh look for the Spring.  And who knows, maybe Beckham’s wifey Posh Spice will be the next celebrity in line to release a collection for H&M since she slams her style down and winds it all around.  *Don’t be hasty with this project and we’ll give you a try, and if the collection really bugs us then we’ll say goodbye* Hopefully that won’t be the case!


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