Scorch and Sear that Sweltering August Sun – not your Style

No one wants to be a sweaty hot mess.

  Howevs, August is one of the hottest months of the year, and looking stylish without tons of accessories and add-ons may seem brutally difficult at first. I mean, who actually walks out of their house (or apartment, mansion, dog-house, whatevs you live in) wearing chic scarves, long-sleeved button-ups, heavy trousers and other items usually used to accentuate and unify their outfits? Okay, so we all know some people who do this but they’re most likely sweaty and wetter than a mop.  And mops aren’t cute, so, if you find yourself in a rut when choosing what to wear during a blistering hot day, let your shoes, accessories, and most important of all – sunglasses – do the talking.  These items can transform your ever-comfortable, lightweight and breathable plain fitted t shirts and shorts into crucial bases for your ensemble. They say the sun is the largest (and hottest) star in the sky but who cares when you can be the hottest star on Earth? Mhmm..
Like wayfarers? Add a twist to the classic style with these sunglasses from Topman

Keep your hair from burning with a woven hat, like this one from Forever 21.  It can be worn casually or when aiming for a sophisticated and dapper look.

Compete your look with an elongated necklace with a small charm, like this anchor necklace from Urban Outfitters.

Adding these accesories to a simple slim-fitted v-neck like this one from Old Navy would preserve your style while keeping cool in Boston blue.  P.S. always, always choose a v-neck over crew-neck shirts. They streamline your torso and add a subdued sense of flair without breaking the bank.

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