Solving what to wear to Murder Mystery Dinner Parties

Everyone delights in dinner parties decked out with delectable dishes, fancy drinks and of course, fantastic company. But sometimes these get-togethers require an extra kick to fashion a memorable event.  For some, the answer is hosting a dinner party set around solving a murder mystery. For others, it’s ordering a 20-piece chicken and biscuit box from Popeyes while making fun of the duchess of Alba’s face…which I personally think is mean, but didn’t object to due to an overwhelming amount of peer pressure (they weren’t really my peers though, more like elders #theyshouldn’tbetalkin).

Obviously, one who’s attending a murder mystery dinner party will focus on trying to solve who killed the femme fatale (or princess, gigolo, etc.) in addition to maintaining a charismatic attitude throughout the night. But truly delving into the experience requires the guest to dress according to their character. This makes a dinner party not only more enjoyable and interesting, but sets the scene for superb photos.  Thankfully, you don’t need a handful of Scooby-Snacks, a magnifying glass or look like Velma (an orange turtleneck and red miniskirt, really?) to succeed in doing so.  No offense, but I don’t think she can see even with her glasses on because that girl is a hot mess. Anyway…
Don’t run away from your sophisticated, mysterious side of style like Velma.
If you want to be like Daphne, you have to think like Daphne.  Jinkies, I think we just found a clue!

What you wear all depends on the nature of the party – focus on the era and location where the problem is “occurring” to create the perfect look.  For instance, if taken place in Europe during the 1940s, one may dress like this:

Silky fabrics, not-to-revealing dresses and posh accessories work well here. For men, wearing a jacket and some sort of hat would suffice – aiming for the gentleman look is just what you need.

It’s not too hard – just google “fashion + whatever decade/era” and you’ll find tons of ideas for what to wear.  Not only will you have discovered who killed whichever fictional person, but you may find new ways to augment your more sophisticated side of style.

Over and out.


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