Saddle Up your Style and Work your Way into Western Wear, Y’all

Living in Texas creates the perfect opportunity to slip on (or purchase) a pair of beautifully worn leather cowboy boots, wrangler jeans, and of course, your beloved vintage western shirt. However, as buttermilk biscuits feel naked without gravy, no bronco’s ensemble is complete without a signature accessory. And no, you don’t need a lasso to herd fantastic pieces into your look.  Who knows, maybe you’ll end up on a postage stamp like John Wayne…

Accentuate your outfit with these accessories typically associated with buckaroos:

The Bolo Tie

I found these at Buffalo Exchange

Native American accents like this faux turquoise piece on the left add an element of nature, while chunky, heavy metallic and random pieces like that on the right (I don’t even know what that thing is…maybe an angry shell monster? Whatevs.) are definitely causes for conversation.

Spur your shirt with a bolo tie – you can find interesting ones at second-hand stores or even make your own with random charms, pins, etc. They can become great conversation pieces, as they differ from the conventional silk tie.

The Belt

While a die-hard cowboy might say that the bigger the buckle, the better, an urban cowboy look calls for a less robust belt accessory. Go for thin black, brown or tan leather belts with subtle buckles. The key in making them shine is to, well, make them shinier than a penny. The more lustrous, the better.

You can also play with the belt’s texture – what better of a belt for a cowboy than this unisex leather rope belt from American Apparel? Talk about fashion and utility built into one – and succeeding in not looking frumpy like a lasso.

The Bandana

Whenever riding into the cold night air or when temperatures fall in the wintertime, the bandana will never let you, or your fashion sense, down. Play with different prints and textures to vary your outfits when looking for alternatives to scarves.

Don’t look like a creeper…

…look like a…happy cowboy!

Introducing some of these accessories into your wardrobe will make others go all over your outfits like a chicken on a june bug, y’all (whatever that’s supposed to mean, but it is indeed a cowboy phrase, according to


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