Moisturizers with Sunscreen

I decided to make myself a Klout account to see my online presence and influence. And lo and behold, decided that I was not influential about fashion, or college, or Texas or UT…but cosmetics. I don’t really understand why, I guess I talk about make up all the time? Anyway, I decided to dapple into the mysterious realm of cosmetics for men, because, after all, boys want to look good too. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to cover an unsightly blemish or remove an unwanted hair. At least I don’t think so…

An article recently released by discusses how men are increasingly receiving botox (referred to as “bro-tox in the story, so punny) as early as their thirties. However, men this young wouldn’t have to worry about injecting their faces with tightening liquids if they simply took care of their faces at a younger age.

What’s the rule to reducing premature aging and wrinkles early on in life? Keeping yo’ face protected from the sun!

Here are two sunscreen/moisturizers I’ve experimented with recently that are sure to keep your face from burning, drying out and sagging before you’re supposed to:

Aveeno is a great brand, especially for those windy, wintry days that cause your face to dry out. The oatmeal-based formula offers a naturally sooting alternative, while helping even out your skin tone.

I just started using this product by L’Oreal. The moisturizer is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave behind a greasy look. It’s smooth and doesn’t smell weird so I’m all for it.

If you have any great suggestions for moisturizers with sunscreen, I definitely wouldn’t mind hearing them! Good luck with the new semester, and remember not to neglect your skin (;

2 thoughts on “Moisturizers with Sunscreen

  1. Eileen says:

    ugh, all aveeno products are a no-go for me. Japanese skin care products are the best.. :p and I find that putting on moisturizer and then a separate sunscreen is the best thing, because the sun screen containing moisturizers don't provide enough moisture for your skin to be sufficiently hydrated :p it's supposed to be at ~34% to be healthy, but sun screen containing moisturizers will not take you up that high!

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