John Galliano Fall 2012 Menswear – The Great Depression and WWII

According to, John Galliano’s men’s collection, headed by Bill Gaytten, drew inspiration from the 1930s. Contrary to the pomp and circumstance of the jazzy ’20s, the following decade seemed to pay for all the delightfully entertaining follies of its predecessor.

As such, Gaytten’s designs echoed tempting and seductive tones of crime and corruption commonly found within the urban jungle. With blacks and grays, shiny plastic-like leathers, wide lapels, checkerboard prints and pinstripes, the collection offered a walk through New York’s once-dusty streets struck by the Great Depression. Combining luxurious materials like velvet, furs and sherpa-lining added a sense of luxury, perhaps mimicking the gaudiness of late mafia-esque gangsters and the Hollywood stars.

Contrasting the lofty city-dweller looks, the second-half of the collection screamed with military strength. Perhaps inspired by World War II, which commenced at the end of the decade in 1939, the looks featured cropped leather jackets, carrot pants, double-breasted coats, and even helmets. Colors like olive and black contributed to the army-like feel of the designs. Gaytten shows no need for camo when attempting to add stylish flair to outfits with a military feel.

Photos are courtesy of  For a complete view of the collection, visit their website here.

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