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Janice Dickinson Before & After…like Dickinson, I’m aiming to intensify my work – the bolder, the better, baby.

Some may have noticed that I switched from using Blogger to WordPress. Others may have realized that my blog is no longer called “The Cerulean Swallow”, but “Style over Stress.” As I’ve become more familiar with blogging (in addition to learning how much easier WordPress is to use, while offering several ways to personalize my blog with a professional edge), I’ve decided to give my blog a face lift. After all, self-proclaimed plastic surgery consumer Janice Dickinson gets botox injections all the time, so I thought it might be best if I injected a bit of life into my blog.  More uplifting, more youthful, streamlined without wrinkles and appealing to the eye – all while aiming to minimize stress (and signs of it) through educational and fun posts, most relating to fashion and enhancing one’s style.  After all, the transformation didn’t cost me a penny, and I’m still able to express myself without obstruction – unlike a real face lift, after those tough couple of post-operation hours.  I hope you enjoy my future posts and appreciate your loyal following!

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