Painting the university white, black and red all over

Good afternoon, fashion friends,

Sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that concrete triumphs over nature, even when living in a city as environmentally-conscious as Austin, Texas. Even on The University of Texas at Austin’s campus, at the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center where I take some classes, blank white slabs replace beaten dirt paths. But, hey, if you stomp hard enough while walking to class (as every true style maven should), a nick or two might mark those lackluster pavements permanently.

Achieving such a feat may be more probable when wearing sky-high stilettos, but I opted for wearing an outfit boasting my favorite color combination: white, black and red.

Me just adding some color to the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center. Photo by Ricardo Hernandez.

Me just adding some color to the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center. Photo by Ricardo Hernandez.


Photo by Ricardo Hernandez.

Remember that tired joke teachers told us in elementary school, something like “What’s white, black and red all over?” When we innocently asked “What?!” the teacher answered with “an embarrassed zebra.” Oh, good one. Well, ask me that now and I’ll say “c’est moi,” though embarrassment isn’t part of this game; self-confidence is.

Sitting by a weed next to the Jesse H. Jones College of Communication building. Photo by Ricardo Hernandez

Photo by Ricardo Hernandez.

With a completely white backdrop, I transformed into acrylic paint splattering across a blank canvas. A houndstooth cardigan and a thin, white polo mixed with bright red pants not only excites the senses, but evokes a preppy feel with some edge. My favorite part of this ensemble? The woven black shoes. With arch support, I can walk in them for miles without discomfort, which is perfect when trekking for thousands of miles to leave behind marks of my own.

Much to my surprise, I found a weed growing out of a crack between the concrete after posing for a while. Like me, Mother Nature found a way to stick out from all the industrialism. She’s got style.

Cardigan – H&M
Polo – Vince
Belt – Gift from my father
Pants – Zara
Watch – Embassy by Gruen
Shoes – Vintage

You can see a more formal version of a white, black and red ensemble in my Valentine’s Day post here.

Yours truly,


22 thoughts on “Painting the university white, black and red all over

      • justalittlebrit says:

        We want to do a segment on our IFL blog of a few of our favorite men’s fashion blogs, can we feature you?? I’d keep you posted when it would come out but you are always on the mark :)

      • jonathanochart says:

        I would be honored! You can definitely go ahead and do that, and if you need anything, please let me know. I’ve been planning on doing a top 10 list with commentary of my favorite blogs sometime soon and if you wouldn’t mind being listed, let me know (: Thanks again!

    • jonathanochart says:

      Thank you! I can never get enough of these pants – who knows when I’ll wear them next! Thanks for commenting, B!

    • jonathanochart says:

      Thank you! It was sunny that day, but it’s been super windy and rainy the past couple of days…hopefully the weather’s a bit better on your side!

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