A Bold Body of Stripes

Work, school, work and school reign as my priorities. As such, painting the town red, dancing and writing blog posts now reside on the back burner. No need to worry, though - back burners can turn just as hot as those in the front! And with that, I turn up the heat on today's post. … Continue reading A Bold Body of Stripes

Spring Clean your Closet with Bleach

Happy spring, spring forwarders, For some curious reason, lots of people seem to relish dipping foods in chocolate. Strawberries, donuts, pretzels, bananas, pistachio èclairs… As for me, I like eating foods dipped in lemon juice - not chocolate. My roommate Liz once told me she usually squeezes lemon or lime juice into her water because … Continue reading Spring Clean your Closet with Bleach

Painting the university white, black and red all over

Good afternoon, fashion friends, Sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that concrete triumphs over nature, even when living in a city as environmentally-conscious as Austin, Texas. Even on The University of Texas at Austin's campus, at the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center where I take some classes, blank white slabs replace beaten dirt … Continue reading Painting the university white, black and red all over

A Ripening Blue Below the Sunlight

Temperatures reached the high-'70s Thursday afternoon, supplying my already-glowing face ('twas a fantastic week) with some well-needed rays of sunlight. In a world where your seemingly gray day can automatically turn sunshine yellow without the weatherman's blessing, choosing to wear an outfit reflecting your own chameleon-like nature defeats those unpredictable situations. I remember a girl … Continue reading A Ripening Blue Below the Sunlight