Spring Clean your Closet with Bleach

Happy spring, spring forwarders,

For some curious reason, lots of people seem to relish dipping foods in chocolate. Strawberries, donuts, pretzels, bananas, pistachio èclairs…

As for me, I like eating foods dipped in lemon juice – not chocolate. My roommate Liz once told me she usually squeezes lemon or lime juice into her water because supposedly, it revs up the metabolism. For those of you who know me, I’d do anything for more burned calories. Who doesn’t like a good burning feeling once in a while? It’s like going to the gym but not, because, after all, you’re ingesting something rather than trying to get rid of something (aka fat) that’s glued to your gut.

Turns out I also possess a penchant for clothes dipped in something…not chocolate, not lemon juice, but bleach. Though I’m not too fond of its smell, bleaching an ordinary item in your wardrobe can transform it into a scrumptious little piece of eye-catching fashion as easy as 1-2-3.


Me just sitting on a wooden table by the All Saints’ Episcopal Church on the corner of Whitis Avenue and W. 27 St. Photo by Ricardo Hernandez.

Take this denim jacket from ASOS, for instance. As one of the pieces I modeled while working for the ASOS music lounge throughout South by Southwest, I got to keep it when the day ended. So, I didn’t have to bleach my vintage Levi’s denim jacket to get the look. Now I have two denim jackets in my closet: one that smells like denim, and one the smells like bleached denim…


Photo by Ricardo Hernandez.

Guess which one received the most compliments so far?

The bleached one. BAM!

So, if you’re ever bored with that tawdry denim jacket hanging in your closet, bring it out and bleach it – submerge and baptize it it with a new life. Just dip it into a bucket of bleach to a desired level. Don’t worry if you don’t like the results – after all, you can always donate it to Goodwill.


Photo by Ricardo Hernandez.


Photo by Ricardo Hernandez.

Bleach it, honey, bleach it good. Make it cute and make it work. Clean your closet out – you never know what you might discover.

Oh, and while out and about I learned that Lean Cuisine packages make an excellent clutch for midday excursions. How’s that for reducing, reusing and recycling?


Photo by Ricardo Hernandez.

Jacket – ASOS
Jeans – Zara
Belt – Vintage
Shoes – Zara
Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters

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Yours truly,


16 thoughts on “Spring Clean your Closet with Bleach

    • jonathanochart says:

      I can’t stand bleach! But hey, it does succeed in eliminating bacteria and giving clothes a new look (; Thanks for commenting, Sarah!

    • jonathanochart says:

      Thanks! This was actually received already bleached – it was a gift from ASOS for working for them!

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