“Modeling” at the ASOS music lounge, and bananas

Good evening, fashion angels,

I woke up feeling a bit odd and out of place this morning. Rather than immediately walking over to the kitchen to brew a hot cup of coffee to jumpstart my day for working (or enjoying) a South by Southwest event, I simply stared at the ceiling – fixated and confused.

“Oh, I have classes today,” I remembered. “Get up, Jonathan, get up!”

Needless to say, it took me a while to get going. Thankfully, I found the energy to exercise for a bit, go to classes, undergo a haircut and now? I’m writing, of course!

From March 14-16, I worked as a “model” for ASOS during its three-day SXSW music lounge at the Cedar Door on 3rd Street and Brazos. I surround “model” with quotation marks because the venue lacked a runway and fashion photographers. Rather, while dressed from head to toe in ASOS brand clothing, I answered visitors’ questions about the brand while notifying them about a daily raffle. Cindy Crawford would be charmed, I’m sure.

Me on my first day on the job in a gray polkadot chambray button up short with gray jeans, all by ASOS, in front of one of its displays.

Me on my first day on the job in a gray polkadot chambray button up shirt with gray jeans, all by ASOS, in front of one of its displays.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the brand, ASOS is a UK-based online clothing retailer that ships its own label, as well as 850 others, worldwide. Offering free shipping and returns makes up for not possessing actual standing stores where customers can try clothes on before purchasing them.

Anyway, while modeling, I got to see more than 10 bands perform, including The Neighborhood and Angel Haze. Thanks to a free taco bar, my lunch consisted of warm tortillas stuffed with chicken, pork and avocado, or a vegetable medley. I also got to keep all the clothes I wore! Not bad for the gig, I’d say!

Here's a shot of one of the bands performing at the venue during ASOS's event.

Here’s a shot of one of the bands performing at the venue during ASOS’s event.

Throughout the job, I learned more about the fashion scene in Austin, or perhaps, in general. First, a “model” doesn’t have to know who Rachel Zoe, Brad Goreski or Cindy Crawford are just because they’re remotely involved in the fashion industry, which I found interesting. Second, it’s true that models sometimes get to keep the clothes they wear. It’s also true that models sometimes can’t hold intelligent conversations, or comprehend what a “1960s feminist novel” signifies. Third, a British fashion label can successfully transport its identity an ocean away, even in Texas. Bravo to ASOS, bravo to the art director and bravo to fashion.

Take a look at the following photos for an ounce of perspective of what the wall displays at the event were like:

IMG_0692 IMG_0691 IMG_0690 IMG_0689 IMG_0688 IMG_0687 IMG_0686

Oh, I also learned that for some reason, bananas are a trendy print this season, at least in ASOS’s case. As Rachel Zoe would say, “BA-NANAS.”

Ciao for now,


37 thoughts on ““Modeling” at the ASOS music lounge, and bananas

  1. TheGreatZambini says:

    I don`t think I would wear bananas. It would make me go crazy! (ah hah, what jokes I make.) Anyways, you did a good job pitching this. I visited the site, and I have to see it has a better collection than most of these other places. I saw the most darling pair of shoes! The site doesn`t fit with a starving college student`s budget, but I`ll look at it again once my pay check comes in. The clearance was a pretty good deal, so I`ll visit again. First the Man Repeller, now a model. What fun things you do get up to. it looks like you are on the up and up in the fashion world!

    • jonathanochart says:

      I had to wear a shirt with a banana print on the second day, I might post a photo of it later! I admit ASOS offers great clothing as well, and while some are pricey, their clearance section is pretty rad! I only got these opportunities because of SXSW – if only every week was like it, who knows where we’d end up! Thanks for stopping by (:

      • TheGreatZambini says:

        Oh, did they ask you to send a… banana gram? (There is just something about a banana shirt that requires jokes, no matter how weak.) It would be fun to do exciting things every week, though I`d probably need to take a few more vacations if I was always running around and doing big things. I love to keep up with what you do, so it`s no problem. :)

    • jonathanochart says:

      You can’t beat free things! It was quite fun, hopefully they’ll have an event in your neck of the woods soon (;

  2. maitesimplicityandstyle says:

    I love ASOS!! Oh I can imagine how fun working there was :)
    and actually for some reason haha I am in love with the bananas pullover ;)
    Thank You for sharing this Jonathan!! amazing just like always.. x

  3. TuvaMossin says:

    I loved the “crop it like it’s hot” top too! Haha, so gonna buy it for the festival summer I’m planning. You by the way look really good in grey!

    • jonathanochart says:

      You should def invest in it, it seems perfect for warm festival weather! Thanks for the compliment and stopping by (:

  4. justalittlebrit says:

    Of course, love it! You look great and lucky you! We love the Neighbourhood – they are amazing live. We are featuring you soon, too :D I hope it’s Ok that we are swooping a few of your photos to post in our feature. Let me know if we should be giving credit to anyone else. Naturally, we will be linking your blog and everything else fabulous about you! xoxo – IFL (Chelsea and Britt)

    • jonathanochart says:

      Right? I wanted to take all the clothes with me in addition to the ones they let me keep! They have a great assortment of items online. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. miesby says:

    Ah so jealous! Love ASOS. Totally missing Austin these days. And in all my years at UT, never had the opportunity to experience SXSW. Keep living it up!

    • jonathanochart says:

      Well, there will always be SXSW next year! I’m a junior and this was my first year doing anything SXSW-related and although it was exhausting, I don’t regret it at all! You should come down and enjoy it, too (:

    • jonathanochart says:

      Aren’t those studs great? And gosh that sounds like a fun opportunity – I was reading their magazine the other day and fell in love. Too bad I have another year of college to go!

  6. JC says:

    Unfortunately, as “cool” as the styles are that Asos offers. The quality of the actual garments leave much to be desired. Plus, I’m pretty sure a lot of their clothes aren’t sweat shop free. There’s gotta be a reason why they’re so incredibly cheap. It’s basically an online Primark, or “Forever 21.” Never ordering from them again.

  7. iamninjas says:

    I worked sxsw last year for Chevy. I had so much fun just meeting and talking to other people! Everyone is totally different but still coming together to attend the same event. Thanks for posting :-)

    • jonathanochart says:

      Isn’t it great working for brands during SXSW? That’s so cool you know what it feels like, too. It felt like I was in a huge city like New York for a week, and I loved it. Thanks for commenting!

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