A Fashion Soiree with The Man Repeller and More

Salutations, fashion fiends,

On this breezy yet sunny Texan afternoon, I have a riddle for you: What do Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, Neiman Marcus and StyleCaster have in common? Throwing a chimerical party celebrating South by Southwest, Austin fashion and collaborative conquests, of course!

At the moment, I’m recovering from a spectacular festivity thrown by CUSP by Neiman Marcus and StyleCaster last night. Cocktails, canapés with southern tang (think barbeque sliders, fried macaroni and cheese and yummy grilled cheese sandwiches) and Leandra Medine (gasp!) of The Man Repeller cozied into one venue for a memorable night.

That’s the best aspect of the 2-week long technology, film and music festival held in our little capital each year. Suddenly, downtown’s streets begin mirroring those of New York or LA. Hundreds of individuals boasting spectacular personal styles and big ideas all come together in a small area. Simply walking through the crowds satisfies the wandering soul, with or without a SXSW badge promising entry to the most respected expos and after-parties.


I had to think of putting an ensemble together that would likely leave some sort of impression on other attendees…so, of course, I donned on my ever so reliably “edgy” studded leather jacket. I thought I looked at least somewhat studly (;

After eating, sipping and conversating, there she was…one fashion blogger with celebrity status I gain inspiration from: Leandra Medine. Eventually, I garnered enough confidence to approach the self-proclaimed “man repeller” with a friend of mine, Batli, to chat a bit and take a photo without fan-girling too much. I must admit, she had some serious dance moves…some even better than my own!

Because food and decor cannot talk, taking photos of the well-groomed interior at Wanderlust Live proved much simpler. As such, I have several more photos of inanimate objects than people…Who knew a yoga studio could transform into such a perfect place for a fashion soiree? After all the food and drinks, I might have to visit the venue after SXSW to snap back into shape!



Walking through, you could see CUSP’s capsule collection, “The Man Repeller x PJK,” in the front of the venue. Some staples perfect for summer (think tanks, T-shirts and spring dresses in bright as well as pastel tones) were prominent.


Bags filled with decadent peanut butter x caramel popcorn



One of my best friends from high school, Sarah Brown, came by to visit and attended the party with me. We went back to black, and her jacket screamed Chanel!


Blurry photo, thanks to my horrid phone camera. Taking a selfie with one of my best fashion friend Ricardo, aka The Style Inquisitor.


White Panda took over the music later in the evening, turning talking people into dancing people.


This macaron, cheesecake and ice cream hybrid by Jeni’s reigns as one of the gastronomical highlights of the evening…try it if you can!

My photos may have turned out blurry and slightly indecipherable, but one thing’s for sure: Leandra sure can dance, and CUSP by Neiman Marcus and StyleCaster throw impressive gatherings. Here’s to more SXSW fashion parties and yes, complimentary food and beverages.

Yours truly,


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